In recent years, yoga seems to have exploded in popularity. This can likely be attributed to all of the great benefits men and women are discovering when they regularly practice yoga! Whatever the reason for yoga gaining more traction is — we love it here at C6 Yoga in Westlake. That’s why in today’s blog, we share a few reasons why yoga has become more accessible than ever before! 

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More awesome studios

One thing that is making yoga studios more accessible for everyone is the number of yoga studios that are popping up all over the country! It makes it really tough to regularly practice yoga and make it to yoga classes if your yoga studio is a 30-minute drive from your home or work. Yoga studios are starting to be like Starbucks in the sense that there is one on nearly every corner! While admittedly, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, in all likelihood there is probably a great yoga studio within 15 minutes of your home or work location if you don’t live in a remote area. This means fewer excuses and more accessibility to amazing yoga sessions for more people! 

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More yoga instructors

With all of the yoga studios sprouting up, there is a higher demand for yoga instructors! Each yoga instructor’s yoga class feels a little bit different and has something to offer that other sessions don’t. The more instructors there are available, the more opportunities you have to find a yoga studio and yoga class that you absolutely adore. 

Great yoga membership plans

Before, yoga was outrageously expensive and had either no monthly plan options or very poor yoga membership options. Today, yoga studios like C6 Yoga in Westlake are changing the game. Yoga is more affordable than ever; many studios offer a variety of membership options to fit any lifestyle. Many yoga studios offer yoga memberships that allow you to take part in four, eight, or unlimited yoga classes every month for a low price. 

All of this means that yoga isn’t just for the elite anymore. Nearly everyone can afford a yoga studio membership and practice yoga until their heart’s content — making yoga easier and more accessible. 

Plenty of beginners

One of our favorite parts of yoga here at C6 Yoga in Westlake is that there are plenty of beginners and veterans alike who enjoy yoga classes together. Our sessions are taught by veteran instructors who know how to keep any given class challenging for yoga pros, yet not intimidating for yoga rookies. 

Having sessions are sprinkled with other yoga beginners can make a given yoga class to feel more inviting and less scary. You don’t have to worry about not knowing what you are doing — because pretty much no one in the room is a yoga superstar. 

C6 Yoga studio

Here at C6 Yoga in Westlake, we couldn’t be more happy to be a part of the growing yoga movement. We are pleased to see yoga becoming more accessible to men and women alike and try our best to do our part. We have a convenient location in Westlake, great veteran instructors, awesome yoga membership options, and a healthy mix of newcomers to help anyone feel comfortable stepping through the doors. All of these elements combine to make us one of the most accessible and friendly yoga studios around! 

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