Whether you moved, your old yoga studio shut down, or you’re just looking for a new fitness adventure, there are plenty of reasons to look for a new yoga studio. But, it’s very important that you don’t leave things to chance by picking the first yoga studio you stumble across (unless it’s C6 Yoga in Westlake of course). There are a few factors that you should consider when shopping around for a yoga studio. In today’s blog at C6 Yoga in Westlake, we talk about the things you should look for when you are on the hunt for a new yoga studio. 

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Perhaps the number one thing that people look for before they work with any business, not just yoga studios, is reviews. Reviews can be incredibly helpful and insightful. Reviews allow you to get an idea about what you can expect from a given business first-hand from everyday people. You should be very cautious of any business with very few reviews, or overwhelmingly negative feedback. Yoga studios are no different! Yoga studio reviews help you gain an understanding of the atmosphere, things people love, and things people wish were better.

In case you are looking for a well-renowned yoga studio in Westlake, C6 Yoga is a Top Rated Local® yoga studio and was voted “Best of the West” in Cleveland Magazine — just sayin’.

Variety of Yoga Classes

Another important aspect of choosing the right studio for you is making sure that your studio offers a wide variety of yoga classes. This is important for a few reasons. Different people are at different levels in their yoga practice, so a variety of sessions made for beginner yogis and advanced yogis alike is a huge plus. Having a variety in yoga classes is also great because who wants to have the same old yoga class every day? Not us! That’s why we offer tons of different sessions like:

  • Basics
  • Flow
  • Stretch and Restore
  • Powerful Flow
  • Sculpt and Flow
  • Hot Yoga
  • Core Barre
  • And more!

At C6 Yoga in Westlake, it’s very important to us that we are as inclusive as possible. We want both men and women of all levels to join in on the yoga fun! That’s right, gentlemen, there is yoga for men that you’re sure to love. Be sure to check out our yoga class schedule and reserve your spot.

Experienced Instructors

Just like in school, the right yoga instructor can make a world of difference. When you are trying to find the right yoga studio for you it may be worth your time to meet some of the instructors. Meeting your potential yoga instructors face-to-face can help you get an idea of who they are and you have the chance to ask them what their class is like, their personal experience, and their yoga journey! 

Learn more about the instructors at C6 Yoga in Westlake here.

Awesome Deals

Perhaps the biggest factor in finding the right yoga studio for most people is the deals. It’s important to be thrifty and save money in today’s day and age, so deals are becoming more and more important. We’re not saying that if you find the perfect yoga studio for you but they don’t have a deal going on then pass on the studio. We’re simply saying that if you are on the fence, sometimes a great promotion can sweeten the pot a little bit. 

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