Yoga is an activity beloved by people from all walks of life. People of all ages and genders can see amazing benefits from regularly participating in yoga classes. One demographic in particular, though, doesn’t tap into the benefits of yoga nearly as much as others. For whatever reason, there are far fewer men in yoga classes than there are women. At C6 Yoga in Westlake, we think that’s a shame! Men see the same great benefits that women do from yoga. In today’s blog here at C6 Yoga, we talk about yoga for men and why more men should consider trying yoga.

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Keep in Shape

Yoga for men and women alike is a great way to keep healthy and in shape. Yoga may look easy at first glance, but don’t be fooled — some yoga classes can leave even the most experienced yogis sweaty and exhausted. Not only will you get a solid workout from holding poses and testing your mental fortitude, but yoga can also help you improve your metabolism. Improved metabolism helps you keep fit and healthy by using more fats, calories, and sugars rather than storing them for future use. As a bonus, you’ll feel more energetic and youthful too!

Injury and Pain Relief

Another benefit yoga for men has is injury and pain relief. Men who regularly do yoga slowly become more and more flexible over time. As you become more naturally flexible, you become less susceptible to injury. While gaining some flexibility won’t make you injury-proof, you are certainly less likely to be injured when you have improved flexibility from regularly doing yoga for men. 

Additionally, yoga classes can help ease the pain of an existing injury. The unique stretches and poses put your body in positions it’s not accustomed to being in. In turn, you stretch and work muscles that aren’t typically worked in everyday use. This makes it so that yoga classes can help those who are experiencing pain from an existing injury and even help those who suffer from chronic pain. 

If you’re looking for natural and effective pain relief, give yoga for men a try at C6 Yoga in Westlake. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Stress Relief

There are yoga classes that are specifically designed to help you unwind, relax, and work out your body simultaneously. The stress relief benefits men and women see from regular yoga are not to be understated. Americans are busy and amongst the most stressed countries in the world. Yoga is a great way to forget the stress and mess from your day, unwind, improve your mood, calm your mind, and improve your mental fortitude. Don’t believe us? Try yoga for men yourself — the results may surprise you.

Sexual Efficacy

As surprising as it may sound, yoga for men can actually improve your sexual prowess in multiple ways — regardless of age. Some men claim to have improved sex drive, stronger erections, better sexual performance, improved confidence, and more. This can be attributed in part to yoga for men’s ability to lower stress levels, improve flexibility, and help regulate blood flow. All of these things lead to increased sexual performance and satisfaction!

Mental Health

We briefly touched on it early, but yoga for men is a great way to improve and strengthen your mental health. Men who regularly participate in yoga report sleeping better, being able to relax easier, being less stressed, and being challenged both physically and mentally. All of these small improvements combined make for a powerful tool for keeping your mental health in check. Yoga for men certainly should not be used to treat any mental illnesses, but it can be used in tandem with other methods and improve your mental health in small but meaningful ways. 


C6 Yoga Westlake

More and more men are starting to participate in the yoga movement. Yoga for men is becoming more widespread and common practice, so why not give it a try? There are clearly many benefits you could gain from regularly practicing yoga at our yoga studio. Get the benefits you’ve been missing out on, and try yoga at C6 Yoga Studio in Westlake today!