My favorite ice cream flavor is Salted Caramel

My spirit animal is a lion

My favorite yoga pose is half moon

To me, yoga means freedom.  Freedom in our bodies and freedom from our constant stream of thoughts.

Favorite Health and Wellness fun fact and/or tip:  You don’t have to be flexible to do yoga!  So many people say to me that they can’t do yoga because they are “too old”, “not flexible”, etc.  Yoga really is for everyone!  The key is to modify the practice to meet your specific needs.  My mom didn’t start her yoga practice until she was in her 70s!  She now practices 4 times a week and feels great!

Even though I wasn’t naturally flexible, I fell in love with the practice of yoga after taking my first class. By the end of every class, I would have such an overwhelming sense of contentment.  I had never experienced anything like that before.  I deepened my practice through classes, trainings and workshops with teachers like Tammy Lyons, Dawn Schroeder, Marisa Tingle, Megan Wotsch and Max Strom.  These teachings eventually led me to pursue a 200-hour YTT certificate in 2018 through Inner Bliss Studios.  I hope students find my classes to be energizing and breath-centered.