As a busy mother to 4, I was searching for my identity–something just for me. A small piece of time for self-care and focus; time to tune in to how I was feeling for a change. Enter yoga–wow, did I underestimate the impact that this new habit would have on my world. Where had this been all may life? I quickly became hooked, and in 2016 I completed my 200-hr yoga teacher training.

Come as you are, for whatever reason you are drawn to yoga, and see what this beautiful, life-changing practice has in store for you. Prepare to learn patience and compassion for yourself and others. Tune in and listen for the quieter voice, the sweet one that affirms: you are enough, you are strong, you can let go, you can live in the now–the possibilities are endless when it comes to the effects of yoga.

Get ready to heal, learn, and grow. My desire is for students to feel safe and accepted. To be curious and open to new discovery.