“Yoga is a life discipline.  It is a means to improved health; to restored well-being in the face of illness; and to emotional balance and enhanced mental clarity.
It is also the accessible path of progression toward union with the Absolute—whether conceived as a named God or a Nameless Truth.”  – Krishnamacharya
Robert believes that each person is unique and has a different starting point and progresses in different ways.  But ultimately through Yoga, everyone is able attain balance, harmony, purification and strength in the body, mind and soul.
“After living with sciatic pain and years of chiropractic visits, I knew that there had to be another option than suffering the rest of my life in constant pain.  Finally my Chiropractor offered Yoga as an option…  Willing to try anything to help manage the pain, I signed up for Yoga classes.  After my first class, I knew that I had found the missing link in my life.  It felt so
familiar to me, as if I had done it before.  My body had had enough of abuse, neglect, and enough of destructive energy and was crying out for healing.  I immediately felt the therapeutic effects of Yoga on my body, mind and spirit and I began my journey home… into healing”
Robert found Ashtanga Yoga almost immediately after beginning yoga in 2004 and has been passionate about it ever since.  The Ashtanga method is like no other.  The incorporation of Vinyasa (a method of flowing movement connected with controlled breathing), Ujjayi Pranayama “breathing technique” Dristi “focused gaze, as a means for developing concentrated intention” Bandhas “body locks” convinced him that he had found his practice.
Robert teaches Ashtanga and Ashtanga based classes.  His classes incorporate a meditative flow that creates inner heat, challenges the physical as well as astral body to break through its set boundaries, and helps bring the mind to back to a peaceful and clear state.
“My ultimate goal is not to give you an incredibly difficult workout…but ultimately through yoga, improve your wellbeing and bring your spirit back to its original state of radiance.”