What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Coconut milk chocolate

What is your favorite yoga pose?
Fallen triangle

What does yoga mean to you?
A lesson in finding peace through connecting with your nervous system, learning to turn inward, while releasing stagnant energy through movement. Once you find a little of that peace you can help spread that peace.

Share with us your favorite health & wellness fun fact and/or tip!
Stretch your chest and shoulders, and add essential oils to your life; you’ll never be the same!

Kaitlyn received her 200-hr teacher training in Washington DC through Corepower Yoga. She is trained in power vinyasa and power sculpt. She continues her yoga education focusing on anatomy through Sacred Source Yoga Anatomy Academy. She met her mentor, Dr. Ariele Foster, when she became Ariele’s patient for a shoulder and neck injury acquired through work and improper chataranga and shoulder alignment cueing. Kaitlyn learned how to utilize her yoga practice to heal, create stability and strength in the body. Kaitlyn grew up in Cleveland; she recently moved home but still remains active in the Washington DC yoga community.