Claire went to her first yoga class in 2004 whilst pregnant with her first child. The prenatal yoga classes were a beautiful way to experience all the changes that were going on in her body, and to build a deep connection with her daughter as she grew. From that moment on Claire was hooked and yoga has been an important part of her life ever since.

Claire is continually amazed at how a regular practice can have such an impact on all aspects of her life. Yoga helps still an over active mind, gives strength, brings calm to a busy life, and helps keep her and the family grounded as her husband’s job moves them all over the world. After being introduced to Ashtanga yoga by a great friend and teacher, Claire decided that teaching yoga was a path she would like to follow. In 2010/11, she studied for and received her 200 Hour certification in Aberdeen, Scotland, and has been teaching ever since. Claire has studied with some of the West’s great Ashtanga teachers; David Swenson, Michael Gannon, David Keil and Kino MacGregor. All of whom have greatly influenced her teaching style and inspired a deep love and respect for the traditions and practice of yoga.