I found yoga in the rolling hills of Athens, while attending Ohio University many years ago. First a retreat from the busy (mostly social) life of a college student, this practice has since brought me strength, acceptance, discipline, many friendships and loving kindness. Yoga helps me like myself a little bit more, and it’s helping me find my purpose in the world — what a blessing! In 2015 I earned my 200-hour certification from Cleveland’s Ananda Bhakti Hatha Yoga Teacher Training.

As a teacher, I want my students to have fun during my class. I encourage creativity and ownership in the practice of each student. You’ll often hear me say that “yoga is a practice with ourselves together.” We begin with awareness and appreciation of where we are at the moment — mentally and physically. Throughout our practice we’ll strengthen and detox our bodies by breathing, twisting and filling the space created with loving kindness and gratitude. I encourage my students to let go of any sense of judgment or competition in order to truly look inward, finding beauty and acceptance in their practice and themselves.